Hopeless romantics go to extreme lengths for love. One, a Psych major denying her toxic relationship, the other, a lovestruck stalker-turned mailman.

The first short film from writer/director, Nkosi Roma, Return To Sender is a suspenseful drama that explores the struggles of communication in relationships.




Director and DP- BTS photo from Return To Sender film


It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be a filmmaker and tell unique and engaging stories. To be a filmmaker, you need to make films. For me, Return to Sender is the first step in seeing that dream realized. 

Return To Sender explores the struggles of communication in relationships. The film is riddled with symbols but doesn’t go too deep. In the end, it’s just a fun picture.

I hope the audience enjoys the film, and interprets it in ways I haven’t considered yet. I also hope that Return To Sender qualifies my voice as a filmmaker and can serve as a calling card for future projects.

Director, DP, and lead cast members from Return To Sender film


Return to Sender came about one day as I saw a mailman delivering packages. I thought, “how sketchy would it be if a mailman decided to stalk someone?” He’d know your name, address, and anything else he wanted to and nothing would seem to be out of the ordinary.

Encouraged to pursue the idea, I cranked out a rough draft of the script on a two-hour plane ride to St. Louis. It was 20-something pages of undeveloped characters, plot holes, and improperly formatted madness, but it was a finished draft, and that was a start.

I showed the first draft to Andrew Yang, our DP, and we later reached out to Rose Wong, our producer, to get the project moving. While she and our co-producer, Nick Vallejo, worked out logistics such as scene breakdowns and budgeting, Yang and I continued to develop the script.

We spent about two and a half months in pre-production, which included casting, table reads, location scouting, crewing up, shot-listing, and scheduling. There is a wealth of talent in Colorado when it comes to actors and crew, and I'm blown away by the number of people that were willing to work with a first-time filmmaker.

Melvin(Brad Redford) with Package-still from Return To Sender film
Laura(Ashley Deuell) at the door happy-still from Return To Sender film
Laura and Jefferey photo-still from Return To Sender film
Laura and Jodi (Dorothy Marie)-still from Return To Sender film
Melvin (Brad Redford) looks at a photo of Laura in the mirror-still from Return To Sender film
Derek (Austin Collazo)-still from Return To Sender film
Laura (Ashley Deuell)-still from Return To Sender film
Melvin (Brad Redford) Peeks In-still from Return To Sender film
Melvin (Brad Redford) Screaming-still from Return To Sender film
Laura (Ashley Deuell) Packing-still from Return To Sender film



Nkosi Roma

Nkosi Roma makes his festival debut as a writer and director with Return To Sender, his first short film. In addition to being a filmmaker, Nkosi is a husband, a father, and a follower of Christ. 

While working as a roofing technician in 2018, Nkosi was invited onto a film set as a PA by a client’s friend in the industry. Nkosi took the opportunity to network and connect with others who would be instrumental in the production of Return To Sender.

Writer/Director, Nkosi Roma - Headshot


Andrew Yang

A self-proclaimed camera nerd, Andrew’s love for storytelling has always had a foundation in visuals and observation. With an ever-growing list of hobbies and interests, filmmaking has become a catalyst for channeling his creativity into the different avenues of life that he enjoys the most.

Cinematographer, Andrew Yang


Rosalyn Wong

Rosalyn Wong is a producer with many years of experience as a line producer and production coordinator. She’s worked on international and national productions. With her current project being picked up by a studio in China. When she’s not producing, Rosalyn enjoys spending time with her dogs at the park and trying new recipes.

Producer, Rosalyn Wong


Actor, Ashley Deuell as Laura

Ashley Deuell as LAURA

Ashley Deuell is an LA-based actor who has worked on feature films such as Unfollower (2020) and The Spectacular Mind of Mackenzie Banks (2021). She received a nomination from the Los Angeles International Film Festival for her role in the short film Staccato (2020).

Actor, Brad Redford as Melvin

Brad Redford as MELVIN

After college, Brad pursued acting for film, completing a number of film projects and commercials. Brad currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys playing piano, violin, songwriting, and tennis in his spare time.

Actor, Austin Collazo as Derek

Austin Collazo as DEREK

Shortly after moving to Denver, CO in 2017, Austin joined an acting class and immediately fell in love with it. Over the past 3 years, He has had supporting and lead roles in both feature and short films across the U.S.

Actor, Dorothy Marie Berglund as Jodi

Dorothy Marie as JODI

Dorothy Marie is an actor, singer-songwriter, and lover of Chipotle. She began acting in high school and later moved to LA to further pursue a career in entertainment. Dorothy is represented by Rage Models and Talent.

Written and Directed by: Nkosi Roma

Produced by: Rose Wong & Nick Vallejo

Director of Photography: Andrew Yang

Production Designer: Waylon Kane

Editor: Nkosi Roma

Art Director: Julie Castaneda

Hair & Make-up Designer: Julie Castaneda

Music by: Nikolas Close

Sound Recordist: Sergy Olkowski

Executive Producers: Rob & Rohanna Roma

First Assistant Director: Sophia Schelle

A Camera Operator: Chris Roe

B Camera Operator: Jacob Filmore

1st Assistant Camera: Aabriti Shrestha

2nd Assistant Camera: Cole Pates

Still Photographer: Stacey Roma

Gaffer: Gokul Rajan & Phil Abrams

Best Boy: Nick Shandalow

Key Grip: JP Montoulieu

Swing Grip/Audio: AJ Curtin

Digital Colorist: Will Stone

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